Placing an order, delivery and payment

Country Shipping cost* Standard delivery
Austria 17.50 euro 3-4 business days
Belgium 23.50 euro 4-5 business days
Croatia 10.00 euro 3-4 business days
Cyprus 22.00 euro 4-5 business days
Czech Republic 10.00 euro 3-4 business days
Denmark 23.50 euro 5-6 business days
Estonia 29.50 euro 5-6 business days
Finland 29.50 euro 6-7 business days
France 23.50 euro 4-5 business days
Germany 17.50 euro 4-5 business days
Greece   5.50 euro 2-4 business days
Hungary 10.00 euro 2-4 business days
Ireland (Republic of Ireland) 29.50 euro 5-6 business days
Italy 23.50 euro 4-5 business days
Latvia 29.50 euro 5-6 business days
Lithuania 29.50 euro 5-6 business days
Luxembourg 23.50 euro 4-5 business days
Poland 10.00 euro 4-5 business days
Portugal 29.50 euro 6-7 business days
Romania   4.00 euro 2-3 business days
Slovakia 10.00 euro 3-5 business days
Slovenia 10.00 euro 3-5 business days
Spain 29.50 euro 5-6 business days
Sweden 29.50 euro 6-7 business days
The Netherlands 23.50 euro 5-6 business days
Norway 46.50 euro 5-6 business days
Switzerland 46.50 euro 7-8 business days

What is the cost of delivery?
The price of the courier service is at the expense of the customer and it depends on the weight and the volume of the ordered goods and on the country of destination in the EU. You can see the exact outstanding amount for the courier service in the box when finalizing your order. Since we are aware that for you as our customer it important to get the lowest possible price when ordering goods from our online store, you will benefit from a substantial discount from the GLS or DPD couriers base price because we are their integrated partners.

How do I pay for my ordered goods?
The orders placed with the site, including the value of the ordered goods and the courier service price, shall be paid in some of the following 3 possible methods that you have to choose on the page for finalizing your order:
- card payment – by credit/debit cards Visa, Mastercard at the time of finalizing your order. You can learn more about your personal data protection on the Privacy Policy menu;
- PayPal payment system – when finalizing your order, you can choose this method of payment if you have a PayPal account;
- Bank transfer –by bank transfer based on an invoice issued by us. In this case you must first make the bank transfer after you have received our invoice and confirmation that your order is ready to be sent. As soon as we receive the transfer, we shall send the order to you.

How and why do I register?
 You can register at by clicking Register in the top left corner on every page of the site. Please fill out all boxes marked with *. You can register before starting the shopping or after you have selected the products in your cart, and then proceed to the page for the order finalizing. You don’t need to have a registration in order to make purchases at our online store, but we recommend it for your convenience in order to take advantage of all the facilities and functionalities of the site on your next visit. Moreover, we recommend that you subscribe to our email Promotions and Discounts newsletter simultaneously with creating your account, so as to be informed in due time of all our special offers, discounts, seasonal sell-outs, new products, actual collections, blog articles and videos with ideas and trends for your creative inspiration.


How to do the shopping?
- Select the product you wish by using the main menus with categories and sub-categories in which the products are distributed according to type, purpose, applied techniques, brands and/or topics.
- To order 1 item of the product, click add to cart. To order more than 1 item, please log in to the product and select the quantity you wish and then click add to cart.
- After you have finished selecting the products you wish, you can proceed from the Cart menu /in the top right corner of each page of the site/ to the page for finalizing your order, by selecting your convenient method of payment and delivery.
- To finalize your order, click Finalize order button, and before that be sure to click the checkbox I accept the terms of the site. If the order is successfully finalized, the inscription Thank you! Your order was successfully accepted will show in the box, and you will receive an automatic email from us to confirm this.
Dear customers, please note that the minimum value of an order is 20.00 EUR.



How long will it take to receive my ordered goods?
We, in IDEA HOBBY, regard with care and responsibility each order made by you as our customer. That is why it is important for us to process and send the order to you as soon as possible. The usual time for processing and sending your order is from 1 to 3 business days following the date of the order receipt, and the time of its delivery to you depends on the country of destination, the usual time being 3-4 business days for the countries from Central and Eastern Europe, and 5-6 business days for the Western European countries.
An important part of our practice is to inform you promptly by phone/email about your order status – the date of sending it and the number for tracing it. You can get more information on your order status on phone +359887999562 or email: 


How can I make a claim if there is any problem with the goods in my order?
You can make a claim on Claims menu at the bottom of each page on the site /bottom menu/, where you can learn in detail when you can make a claim and to fill out the attached form. 
Dear customers, you are kindly requested to always examine the transport package integrity when accepting your order from the courier, and if you notice any violations, be sure to ask for their description in a protocol in 2 copies made by the courier on the spot – this is their right and obligation. This is entirely in your interest, since, in case of any damages caused by transportation, the responsibility shall lie with the courier company and they can accept your claim only if the problem was found at the time of accepting the parcel. 


How can I request an invoice or some other special requirements, if I have any?
You can request an invoice issued for any of your orders in the name of a registered company, educational institution or any other entity, by specifying the company details in your registration or in the order Finalizing box.
There is a 15% discount on all orders for customers who submit the company details with a valid VAT number in an EU country of destination!
If you have other special requirements, you can describe them in the order Finalizing box – by selecting Special Instructions checkbox.
For any questions related to our online store do not hesitate to call +359887999562 or write to 


IDEA HOBBY wishes you enjoyable shopping!